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LCA-data for increased traceability and recycling of plastics

An LCA study conducted by Sphera for BASF, which was reviewed by three independent experts, comes to the clear conclusion that chemical recycling (pyrolysis) of mixed plastic waste emits 50% less CO 2 than incineration of mixed plastic waste. Plastic Energy contracted independent sustainability consultancy, Quantis, to undertake a full Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) of its recycling process, which follows the ISO 14040/14044 standards. The executive summary is available to download on the link below. To simulate realistic plastic recycling challenges, case studies of PE/PP foils from municipal waste and ABS plastic with brominated flame retardants were developed, to be used as an addition to the LCA matrix model results. Potential emission reduction was assessed by combining LCA matrix outcomes with European polymer demand data. LCA methodology as outlined in the ISO 14040 and 14044 standard documents3.

Lca plastic recycling

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LCA: Yes. Plastic & PFAS free: Yes Biodegradable: Yes Compostable: Yes. Metoden Life Cycle Assessment (LCA ISO 14040) används för att utvärdera Recycling mixed plastics/RER. U + avoided. Plastics. 27.

Livscykelanalys av plastpall och EUR-pall i

Tillbehör  visat intresse för att vara med i gruppen ”Mechanical and Chemical Recycling”. for the Recovery and Recycling of Plastics Waste revideras för att bland annat LCA-expert ska stötta regeringens upphandlingsgrupp.


Lca plastic recycling

There are various chemical recycling technologies available that follow three new recycling routes to treat plastic waste: recycling processes, associated transports and input materials to come to a reusable resource material for a new product. 1.3 Reader's guide The goal and scope definition of the LCA-study is presented in chapter 2 of this report. Chapter 3 describes the studied recycling routes and corresponding inventory data.

A range of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) based studies have been conducted on e.g.
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Lca plastic recycling

Mechanical recycling of waste plastics is an environmental solution to the problem of waste plastic disposal, and has already become a common practice in industry. However, limited information can be found on either the industralised plastic recycling or the recycled materials, despite the use of recycled plastics has already extended to automobile production. In this project on chemical recycling, we are working with partners to further develop the pyrolysis technology which turns plastic waste into a secondary raw material called pyrolysis oil. The oil is fed this into BASF’s Verbund production at the beginning of the value chain, thereby saving fossil resources. According to those LCA standards, if the properties of the material are such that after recycling the recycled material can offset the production of virgin material, them a closed loop allocation shall be granted.

1 year ago I re-use them for shopping until they're pretty thrashed, then I use them for While municipal recycling programs do accept many different types of plastics for recycling, car parts are generally not recyclable with household waste.
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av U Barge · 2020 — The LCA model did not include the impacts associated with the use of the product plastic panels and a matrix media out of recycled plastics, which serves as a  av F Jivemark — Titel på svenska: LCA av snöstör – Jämförelseanalys av snöstör av salix respektive plast and plastic, with the following impact categories: climate change, primary energy usage and water usage. benefits of material recycling. Köpenhamn:  Invitation to Webinar – Incentives for energy recovery in LCA for plastics. The final report from the project, Modeling of recycling in LCA, has now been  multi material Recycling in manufacturing Enkla principer för miljöbedömning och LCA finns numera.